Explore, Discover, Unlock

Explore: broaden your perspective to more possibilities. We encourage expanded vision.

Identify the most successful effective solution for you.

Map a successful plan and implement it to unlock the desired results.


Position yourself to eliminate obstacles and overcome limits!


Explore fresh possibilities

Discover targeted solutions

Unlock productive strategies



Reveal greater levels of potential

Experience accelerated progress

Expand your influence



Activate dynamic team productivity

Initiate increased effectiveness

Generate substantial impact

Invest in yourself.

Get results!


We partner with senior pastors, leaders and organizations to encourage, strategize and implement plans.  Build increased momentum.


We value emerging and mature leaders, taking great joy in their success.


We specialize in consultation as strategic advisors with leaders, ministries and churches in times of significant shifts in identity, direction, and development.


PACKAGES: contact us for pricing.


Kickstart:    One time only. 1 hour session. Includes :

  • emailed pre-session assessment questionnaire.
  • Re-focus: 1. by identifying goals and identifying obstacles. 2. Assurance of being on the correct track. 3.. Clarity of direction.
  • An emailed report of strategic recommendations for your next step.

X4: Save $200 on this package

  • 4 Sessions, 1 hour each. 4 hours total Consists of: 
  •    1 Hour free video-call assessment
  • 4: 1 Hour Live video-call sessions,
  • Opens up possibility thinking,
  • Laying down a deliberate path to your goals/ success.
  • Gathering strategic pieces and formulating a plan.
  • Receive a Personalized Strategic Portfolio
  •  2 pay option available. Due 1st session 50% -4th session 50%

The Catalyst: 1 day (8hr) session. live in person. Includes;

  • emailed pre-session assessment questionnaire.
  •  1 Hour free video-call assessment
  • Concentrated strategy approach
  •  In person /relational environment
  •  Location options in this package. 
  • 30 day follow-up window availability by phone or email.
  • Receive a Personalized Strategic Portfolio
  • Payment options are available

Xpedite: Combo. Save $300 on this package
The X4 plus the Catalyst package combined. 12 Hours Total

  • Payment options available.
  • PLUS ***V.I.P. 
  • Priority scheduling
  •  60 day contact availability by phone or email
  • Goal acceleration
  • Special resource gift.


ReFocus, ReVitalize, ReInforce

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