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Book 1

Life Trek Discovery

Discover a New Life

Each chapter is 2-3 pages

​Chapter 1 : What just happened?

Chapter 2:The Salvation benefits package

Chapter 3:Your sins are forgiven

Chapter 4: You can use the gift of repentance

Chapter 5: You have the gift of grace

Chapter 6: You Are Free From the Law of Sin and Death

Chapter 7: You Are Adopted Into God’s Family 
Chapter 8: You Are Healed 
Chapter 9: You Are Delivered 
Chapter 10: You Can Experience Mercy and Love 
Chapter 11: You Are Given Blessings 
Chapter 12: You Are Treated Fairly 
Chapter 13: You Can Have Assurance of Salvation 

Chapter 14: Old Things Are Passed Away 

Chapter 15: Your Spirit Comes Alive

Chapter 16: Your Soul Is Transformed

Chapter 17: our Body Is Healed 
Chapter 18: Your Past Is In the Past 
Chapter 19: All Things Are Become New 
Chapter20: You Are Chosen and Accepted 
Chapter 21: You Are Loved 
Chapter 22: Family Benefits 
Chapter 23: You Are A Saint 
Chapter24: You Are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Chapter 25: You Are A Winner 
Chapter 26: You Are Free 
Chapter 27: You Have A Future Filled With Hope

Chapter 28: You Are A Laborer With God 
Chapter 29: You Are A Temple Of The Holy Spirit

Chapter 30: Be Filled With The Spirit  
Chapter 31: Who Is The Holy Spirit 
Chapter 32: God’s Promise To You 
Chapter 33: Power For Freedom 
Chapter 34: Power For Relationship 

Chapter 35: Power For Growth 
Chapter 36: Power For Confidence 
Chapter 37: Power For Direction 
Chapter 38: Power For Revelation 
Chapter 39: Power For Confrontation 
Chapter 40: Power For Mobilization 
Chapter 41: Power For Heavenly Communication

Chapter 42: Power For Assignments 
Chapter 43: You Can Receive This Power 
Chapter 44: How To Receive The Gift of The Holy Spirit

Does Religion seem daunting and stifling?  The splendid news is that God doesn’t call for you to embrace a religious practice, but to experience a relationship with Him.


Discover the power of a relationship with God that unlocks blessing on your life.  Discover the power of a healthy self-image that unlocks confidence.  These are keys to build successful relationships with others.


“Discover the Power of Relationship” confronts the distorted world-view of relationships and sets you on a path of fulfilling and empowering relationships.

Book 2

Life Trek Discovery

Discover the Power of Relationship


​Chapter 1: Love the Lord your God

Chapter 2: Who is God?

Chapter 3:  A powerful God

Chapter 4:  A relational God

Chapter 5:  A caring God

Chapter 6:  A caring God

Chapter 7: A perceptive God

Chapter 8: A righteous God

Chapter 9: A Redemptive God 
Chapter 10: A Life-Giving God 
Chapter 11: A Strategic God 
Chapter 12: Relationship With God 
Chapter 13: Build Relationship Through Prayer 
Chapter 14: Build Relationship Through Fasting 
Chapter 15: Build Relationship Through His Word 
Chapter 16: Build Relationship Through Church Participation

Chapter 17: Build Relationship Through Praise 
Chapter 18: Build Relationship Through Giving 
Chapter 19: Build Relationship Through Submission 
Chapter 20: Build Relationship Through Growth 
Chapter 21: Love Yourself 
Chapter 22: Forgive Yourself 
Chapter 23: Release Rejection 
Chapter 24: Recognize Value 
Chapter 25: You Are Enough 
Chapter 26: Accept Yourself 
Chapter 27: Be Real 
Chapter 28: See Your Potential 
Chapter 29; You’re A Priority 
Chapter 30: Coach Yourself 
Chapter 31: Correct Connections 
Chapter 32: Never Settle 
Chapter 33: Love Your Neighbor 
Chapter 34: A Love Attitude 
Chapter 35: Proper Judging 

Chapter 36: Loving Acceptance 
Chapter 37: Respect the Opinions of Others

Chapter 38: Positive Attitude 
Chapter 39: Inspire and Uplift 
Chapter 40: Be Considerate 
Chapter 41: A Loving Family 
Chapter 42: Serve Others 
Chapter 43: Honesty and Integrity 
Chapter 44: Love Is Action 
Chapter 45: Love Your Family 
Chapter 46: Love Your Peers 
Chapter 47: Love Authority 
Chapter 48: Love the Disadvantaged  
Chapter 49: Love Unbelievers 
Chapter 50: Love Your Enemies 
Chapter 51: Give Love, Get Love 

Why am I here? This is one of the most asked questions today.  Feeling confused, incomplete, or stuck?


Eliminating confusion and discovering purpose will produce:

* direction for your life

* inflame passion

* give vitality

* fulfill you.


“Discover Your Purpose” helps you understand why you were created. Appreciate your uniqueness in Jesus Christ, overcome the need to become like everybody else and stamp out stagnation. Embrace your strengths today.


Embark on an exciting trek of discovery.  Make decisions with confidence.  Walk in the power of purpose.

Book 3

Life Trek Discovery

Discover Your Purpose


​Chapter1: Foundational Purpose

Chapter 2:  Missional Purpose      

Chapter 3: Functional Purpose  

Chapter 4: Spiritual gifts

Chapter 5: Service gifts

Chapter 6: Compassion gifts

Chapter 7: Administration Gifts

Chapter 8: Speaking Gifts

Chapter 9: Revelatory Gifts

Chapter 10: Prophetic Gifts 
Chapter 11: Power Gifts 
Chapter 12: Creative Gifts 
Chapter 13: Five-Fold Ministry Gifts

Chapter 14: Gifts Motivated By Love      

Chapter 15: Discover Your Gifts       
Chapter 16: Life Purpose      
Chapter 17: Discover Your Life Purpose  

Complete Series

Life Trek Discovery

All Three Books

Living the Vision

Complete training program for Pastors and Leaders.

  • 9 Audio Session

  • 9 Video Sessions

  • Living the Vision eBook & Workbook


See It! Seize It! Live It!


A God-given promise is exciting-but it pales in comparison to its fulfillment. Promises from the Lord do not magically come to pass. As a result, it is time to contend for each one.  


When your inner self becomes hungry for a promise to become a reality, you will sense a drum beating in the depths of your being. That sound will cause you to stand and not back down. You are sensing the God-promise screaming inside of you.


NOW is the time to live your life in such a way that His Presence will manifest through you. Many people are tossed around by their circumstances, hoping for a better day to come. You can stand strong every day in every way- no matter the circumstance-by contending. You can see God’s promises being fulfilled in all areas of your life!  


CONTENDER identifies the process from your prophetic promise to its fulfillment in your life. Significant benefits of knowing where you are in the process: - Intimate understanding of God’s promises for you. -Sensing God’s Presence routinely - Turning stubbornness into tenacity - Fresh fire and resolve propels you to the finish line

ReFocus, ReVitalize, ReInforce

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