Matt & Amy



Matt & Amy Carpenter minister with a victorious overcoming mindset.


Amy knows the power of forgiveness, and how it set her free from bondages that could have ruined her life. Abuse in her young life tried to rob her of her future, but the call of God upon her seized her and held her in its protective grasp. A heart to please the Lord Jesus launched her into a pursuit of the Call of God on her life and she still is not stopping. Excellence, not being controlled by perfection, is what brings the victory in every situation in her life.


Amy flows in an Apostolic/teaching mantle and is a mentor to women: restoring Identity, freedom from trauma/abuse, discovering purpose, developing life plans. She is a certified Executive Leadership, life, and business coach. She has a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership.


She is a strategic advisor for leaders and emerging leaders for ministry, business, and life.


Matt operates with a strategic Apostolic/Prophetic mantle, who desires to see others fulfill their calling in the Kingdom of God. He is the CEO and founder of “In His Image Ministries” & IHIM Coalition of churches and ministries. He has a Doctorate in Strategic leadership.


They are executive leaders at Agape Christian Fellowship, an Apostolic Center, in Fort Kent Maine.


They are strategic advisers with Senior Pastors/ ministries to encourage, strategize, and implement (including leadership, worship, and intercessory team development) for the purpose of seeing Kingdom plans to come to pass in your calling and ministry. We specialize as strategic advisors with leaders and churches in times of major shifts in identity, direction, or development. Their calling is to see you fulfill the vision and calling the Lord has placed upon your life, ministry, and church.


The Holy Spirit moves powerfully with the laying on of hands and prophetic outpouring.


They are married for 29 years and have two grown sons and daughter-in-loves who also are pursuing the call of God upon their lives. Proud grandparents of 2 sweet toddlers.


Author, conference speakers, strategic advisors (MaXimize 5 system) and coaches, and media producers.

Mission statement

IHIM Offers an Apostolic voice for the purposes of safety, accountability, direction, training and growth through Covenant Relationship.  We offer proper alignment and oversight; also operating in a consultative advisory capacity.


IHIM is accountable and in relationship with other apostolic and ministerial entities.


IHIM is involved in international training and leadership development and works with leadership to develop and produce a Kingdom team mindset. 

We are an organization that creates opportunities through Kingdom Relationship.  We recognize that God has instituted certain offices and functions to equip others for the work of the Kingdom.  Our desire is to encourage, support and instruct, building God-given skills that are required to align and advance God-given vision. 

We provide consultation for individuals, churches, organizations, entrepreneurs and businesses; assisting in times of challenge and transition into a new level of operation. 


IHIM teaches how to operate with Kingdom lifestyle and concepts in each respective calling.


IHIM creates an environment that is conducive for personal growth and maturity; resulting in stability, a wider scope of solutions, ideas, creative and relational enhancements that bring success, and positively impacts realms of influence.

We teach and instruct the precepts of the Word of God with humility to bring about freedom. (John 8:32)  We are a working leadership model that is a positive influence to society; encouraging teamwork, partnership and consultation with other leaders and/or teams to share and grow in collaboration.

"Personal team coaching is a deliberate approach to strengthen and accelerate understanding, with experience in a particular field.  The result is a strengthened character that carries the individual through life with excellence."

See us about: Mentoring, Audio and Video Media Production, Syllabus Publishing, Church Leadership Consultation, and worship Team Development / Leadership,Conferences and church meetings, as well as Missions.

ReFocus, ReVitalize, ReInforce

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