MaXimize5 Strategic System- 

You have people in your church who possess gifts and anointings that once identified can be utilized to the benefit of everyone. Your leaders and ministries will feel excited as they discover and grow in their callings. Your church services and structure will be setup for optimal growth on all levels no matter the size of your church. The market place and outreach ministries will feel a part of the local body as understanding comes to the whole.  Breakout from positional thinking. The key... "every joint supplies". 


MaXimize is a strategy based on the Ephesians 4 model that mobilizes every member of the organization.


MaXimize will:

  • Take stress off the leader
  • Give you the tools to produce an  environment for success in your organization
  • Clarify vision and direction
  • Attract volunteers
  • Create team unity
  • Reveal the value of each person
  • Eliminate competition, jealousy and insecurity among team members
  • Build maturity and stability
  • Enable your team to discover purpose, unlock potential and take effective action
  • Ignite fresh energy and excitement.


ReFocus, ReVitalize, ReInforce

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